Iraqi insurgents blow up car with children inside | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited

Iraqi insurgents blow up car with children inside | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited:

· Youngsters used as decoy to get through checkpoint
· Concern over increasing use of hardline tactics"


bling bling the phone-ins rung off

swanky comps image paid for by the participants. almost imagine they were running to buy prizes out the back, who recalls a smith & jones buffet waiters sketch, like jit systems.

have to dig out those questions as to whether they are lotteries!

broadcasting media publishing, lottery, culture, marketing, organisation management productivity


oyayubizoku: the point of cafe switch thumb pods

the benefit i see is they are like mini espressos. without the heat!

an (in)convenience food!?

and what about oyayubizoku


justice has its price

thats the tagline for the film a civil action

guess this has to go along with that silkwood and erin brockovich

spot the difference?

anyway heres a list of based-on-true-story/courtroom/ films

sarko-ségo: même combat - le service politique

one of the best matches since pinky & perky?

also an economic view

webegon.org.uk a first cyber ex-pm?

all change at the b-list after the blair-brown bogof ... a url url url in the sun for Mr B?

golden brown - a virtual pm

a pm in waiting and one in wane is this virtualisation?