daring like pyramids

detail and interview.


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eu directive makes rainbow keyboards default

a new eu directive makes

rainbow keyboards default for IT.

get wid it den dumby

smiley does transport chaos

extensive research on the bambara rail system has shown smiley floor decals greatly increase concourse flow. an investment return of 3x more than other measures. less developed systems use other images but still show improvements compared to blankness.

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suburban thing

its 90 minutes for the holiday break.

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imagine flying saucerers!

(fling saucer)
harrys not pottering!?

it does!

maybe they'll get this response


pimp some ware. hip 2 da max

set up pc on by mouse click ... base unit is awkward under desk. doesn't get accidentally triggered like keyboard. saving 4 seconds every power-on.

installed, and set-up, the mouse gesture extension application, easygestures

... bit like steering wheel, and offers similar exercise! may get some more buttons to make even more of this.

having no success with storing playlist (out-of-box), one click to next programme source, on vlc all-format player, but discovered it can open multiple feeds simultaneously, eg in any language combination speech + public service scanner + ambient/experimental + other music!!!! you can bleep craps out for life for you anyway. (this all gets set on its own workplace panel).

good stuff, well done, thanks for any tips, folks

third place?


bananas all round.

got to the backend of 2 rough projects.

unintentional shoulder diy worked. thats 6+ months of pain and misdirection lifting off! did a jack-box move . . getting from seat to aisle on a bus handsfree. grossly painful, but as hoped it reset shoulder. is that dumb with pain? had been very uncomfortably displaced, felt like fuzz in the joints ... enough to interfere with keyboarding. work capacity is increased now ... making up lots time ... hello rsi! this is a second recent joint self re-location. they overlapped. other being almost broken 16 months displaced ankle. this is the issue with meds. it seems one has to go in
the first instance otherwise .......... ...... . now is that one down on meds?! yet, tis cause they're often such a letdown. meds and a grudging xray appointment missed anything, and didn't fix the ankle. at last beginning

inline skating, and

walking, did.

from a back-burner:

browsed over this site

a while back and clicked around. what is the internet for?!

an exercise essentially in titles and referral links
an adsframe and style over lack of content or purpose

one link gets to.

a cyber sub-net or intranet that read, "We're having a bit of a clear-out of Syntagma Digital's stock this month. Some inventory will be dropped completely, while newer, fresher sites will be added. Moneyizor, our 4th network magazine is now up, and new sites are being developed for it. Stay close. John Evans, Executive Editor"

this much
affectation from small city!


solutions for google users who DO use folders

these base on alphanumeric sorting precedence, eg . 1 a A where punctuations sorting first, then numbers and capitals last.

for google bookmarks:

the position is to use a few main 'labels' as possible by using 'sub-labels' but google employee didn't has done this now.

this partial solution;

for a given main 'label', called EXAMPLE, we make 'sub-labels' ASTRo, BASTRo, or CASTRo.

when choosing adding some bookmarks within EXAMPLE 'main label' but also is 'sub-label' we just only use EXAMPLE 'main label' for topical bookmarks, but adding ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO for example as 'PREFIX' to any google bookmark NAME for sub-topic bookmarks where ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO represent sub-topic.

this achieves some second sorting as a form of 'sub-label' for this 'label' eXAMPLE.

or do one of this.

for other google stuff:
this similarly does sub-sorting in google reader, amongst other applications.

also there is a greasemonkey script called Folders4Gmail or gmail-folders



so there are some hybrid folders or labels or tags processes for your use