bananas all round.

got to the backend of 2 rough projects.

unintentional shoulder diy worked. thats 6+ months of pain and misdirection lifting off! did a jack-box move . . getting from seat to aisle on a bus handsfree. grossly painful, but as hoped it reset shoulder. is that dumb with pain? had been very uncomfortably displaced, felt like fuzz in the joints ... enough to interfere with keyboarding. work capacity is increased now ... making up lots time ... hello rsi! this is a second recent joint self re-location. they overlapped. other being almost broken 16 months displaced ankle. this is the issue with meds. it seems one has to go in
the first instance otherwise .......... ...... . now is that one down on meds?! yet, tis cause they're often such a letdown. meds and a grudging xray appointment missed anything, and didn't fix the ankle. at last beginning

inline skating, and

walking, did.

from a back-burner:

browsed over this site

a while back and clicked around. what is the internet for?!

an exercise essentially in titles and referral links
an adsframe and style over lack of content or purpose

one link gets to.

a cyber sub-net or intranet that read, "We're having a bit of a clear-out of Syntagma Digital's stock this month. Some inventory will be dropped completely, while newer, fresher sites will be added. Moneyizor, our 4th network magazine is now up, and new sites are being developed for it. Stay close. John Evans, Executive Editor"

this much
affectation from small city!

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