whats up doc? first lines and the medical practitioners

what is it the meds ask you, after they have said how are you feeling! as if you in passing might have been wanting to splurge to chew fat with doc!!!

got an oral infection. changing batteries can't be that difficult OR go recharge! ... teeth gone sensitive to tapping (around 12 day back) ... well things coming up increasing neuralgia getting to yesterday we dragged out the penicillin we purchased a previous time! this is an oral, soft tissues infection generalist.

and ... paracetamol.

the tooth sensitivity reduced ... but now the hard palate is swelling MORE and PAINFUL ... this is infection in recession! the medical professions have powerful forces with them! bluff enough to have monday first thing calls being intended. however midday monday and things seem pacific! don't forget dentists knock about in mouths and gp's are basically dipsticks if nothing else. so help other sufferers and keep Q's at the meds DOWN!

if we don't write again ... we been got.

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