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speed summaries

if there's speed reading, there's listening and viewing too.

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going to look at the eduscape generally regarding courseware delivery, and specifically regarding contexts such as open university social sciences interdependence day.

search courseware
search related new economics

also will check guides for library classifications and search processes for simplex clouds or tagging. eg information = education, reference, knowledge management, data; ideas = position, debate, faith; co-operation = networking, collaboration; information + design = data architecture

education, co-operation, information, ideas, organisation management productivity, society, culture, uk,

for sidebar. a few posts back, monitor stop working. not broken, stop working. so spare, 14" crt! from 17" lcd!, had to be got from storage. broken nails! of course, it couldn't JUST plug straight in, in anyway, so started an alphabet soup merry-go-round. EXTREMELY blurry screen at login following attempted improvement. so of to borrow pc for solution investigation. alphabet soup galore, edited, almost, to a 2 page itenary. returning @ evening. you know that tedious login? yep. just do it by memory. THERE IS NO PROBLEM, AFTER LOGIN. right, after some rooting around lets try to improve on status quo, again.UH UH. its broke again. no it's not, yes it is. Well, it's not so bad after all then! Hello varied configuration computer!!! Just type while you're ahead.

(in the meantime hacked around the, without manual, (music) keyboard to find how the demo pieces were minutely put together)

keyboard now with fastest downloaded and copied manual and tech sheets you can imagine.


from informationarchitects.jp

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google's rss feed reader share function makes convenient quality information presentation. can such feed readers then have plural shared folders? simply, probably not. however, a folders seperate feed, individual items can re-label, can be a particular share. then, there's notebook, docs, sheets, tweets, bleats yada. what tho are the costs of such storage!

so the problem may be most conveniently solved differently. are readers gonna read all sharer's shared items? likely not. what are those bookmarking processes? and via rss?

not quite convenient enough? maybe more so when code adds an click functionality within sharer's reader post panels or toolbars.

which is a form of aggregation. lets mention pipes, eg pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/. such a setup would allow placement of a panel of links of last 'saved' items, for example. whilst allowing combinations of sequences of selective aggregation or filtering, these data feeds are however preset, not selective, streams. quite so. see posting, "everyone is trying to say something particularily".

are user-scripts and similar, such as pipes, over-specific. hope so!

search on.

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now that's refreshing



lime.com tv video radio podcasts

talkin' 'bout

she's geeky


this, hopefully.


related: informationweek - pc women

women and technology un-conference


wrong business bud

"Why doth the sun make a man black, and dirt white, and make wax soft, and dirt hard? By reason of the disposition of the substance that doth suffer. All humours, phlegm excepted, when they are heated above measure, do seem black about the skin, and die, being full either of saltpetre or salt liquor; when the sup hath consumed its dregs and filth, doth become white again, when the sun hath drawn and stirred up the humidity of the wax, it is softened; but in dirt the sun doth consume the humidity which is very much, and so doth dry it and make it hard."

The Works of Aristotle - The Problems of Alexander Aphrodiseus.

go with the flow!

gay tool


details. it's iwonic. next, uncivil-marriages!

gay life equalities

looking for

internet search tips?

blogs mainly link blogs? this is a blog. so what. it's a single post blog! post it.

google search tip

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lost in music

tagzooks! what you saying?


music search

phoney looks

these are from cellophones!


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From userscripts.org/scripts/search?q=Calendar

Google hCalendar - Finds vevents and adds a link to send them to Google Calendar
Facebook to Google Calendar - Add Facebook events to your Google Calendar effortlessly.

co-operation, computer, google, internet, organisation management productivity

tho this might be more appropriate

other fruit available
blah blah blah

x-platform calendars available in inverse proprtion to usefulness



http://www.flickr.com/photos/nadiapriestley/95576315/(via nadia308)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melaleuca_alternifolia in dilutions and bogof

also, with eucalyptus, rosemary

olive, lemon, bicarb soda, maybe?

the snots thinning, ears zinging, so its now virtually excess air capacity, like a summer contrast to death. altogether shocking.

malt to top off?!


get safe, hey

flaws, anybody else?




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on some equalities

another football world cup is an idiotic ugly scene

Women football around_the_world


free music



looking at gui's

musicovery, liveplasma, megite-discover, clear forest gnosis and touchgraph.

we like good gui's. the musicovery moodamator is prima. this gui is functional and responsive. checkboxing discovery and non-hit, and moving the joystick such as when a call makes for mood change is great. it doesn't currently 'learn' your listening preferences or offer tracking like last.fm tho' offering greater immediate and direct control similar to deezer the frightening jukebox-like emulator alligator which does it all and no need for gui. listen by keyword!

more seriously, similar processes used for touchgraph - TGGoogleBrowser. will make a performance comparison against kartoo.com.

broadcasting media publishing, multi-media, design, internet, information, computer, research


1994 and architecture

another world? ... when detail needs attention

nest @ The Echo Nest: "Insane tour rider and setup instructions for Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour (I'm sure it was all worth it....)"

its 14 pages

wikipedia - Pink_Floyd The_Division_Bell



"Long-Delayed Construction of Dragon International Studios 'Valleywood' Finally Moves Ahead. "The BBC is reporting that the long-delayed Welsh film and television studios project in South Wales started last week, after almost six frustrating years of set-backs and delays. 'Valleywood' building work begins -- Building work at the so-called 'Valleywood' film studios near Bridgend has begun." Welsh Music, Film, and Books Symposium

websearch - Dragon International Film Studios
web search - Pontcanna


wir sind librari!

"... its searchable ..."

a "new feature that lets you build a virtual library of your favorite books. You can import the books if you have a list of ISBNs or search them and click on 'Add to library'."

collaboration, library, co-operation, ideas, information, internet, organisation management productivity, design, networking


what sort of communication organisation

spiders back from vacation. food all wrapped.

bbc had whats on listings that caused upset in industry as it threatened some trade competitive opportunities.

whatson b4 n'auspicious date whatson afta

so how then did bbc do better job linking outside pages than its internal infernal duplicate or intermediary or partial links. see programmes now/next. what advantage could there be with an effective 'programmes now/next' view?

its henry v+iii. chasing departing transport services. never mind, catch next one! OR, on demand.

a bit surprising how much the shows condense to. they almost dissappear up their own usb-mic connector. podcast = edited recording. so they can just say any rubbish crap because morons will listen and anybody else will just take summarise.

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web 0.20: only good as best

apoetic unprosaic but true?


uk pod first timeshift

citizen-scoop, new media, broadcasting media publishing, debate, management, co-operation, networking, ideas, culture, problem solving, productivity, society, workflow,

podcamp UK social media unconference untiming, pre-lunch hour late, post-lunch 1/2 hour early.

why watch an empty room?



daring like pyramids

detail and interview.


art, public art, arts, culture, creative industries, society, uk

eu directive makes rainbow keyboards default

a new eu directive makes

rainbow keyboards default for IT.

get wid it den dumby

smiley does transport chaos

extensive research on the bambara rail system has shown smiley floor decals greatly increase concourse flow. an investment return of 3x more than other measures. less developed systems use other images but still show improvements compared to blankness.

co-operation, society, rail, transport


suburban thing

its 90 minutes for the holiday break.

school holiday, living, society

imagine flying saucerers!

(fling saucer)
harrys not pottering!?

it does!

maybe they'll get this response


pimp some ware. hip 2 da max

set up pc on by mouse click ... base unit is awkward under desk. doesn't get accidentally triggered like keyboard. saving 4 seconds every power-on.

installed, and set-up, the mouse gesture extension application, easygestures

... bit like steering wheel, and offers similar exercise! may get some more buttons to make even more of this.

having no success with storing playlist (out-of-box), one click to next programme source, on vlc all-format player, but discovered it can open multiple feeds simultaneously, eg in any language combination speech + public service scanner + ambient/experimental + other music!!!! you can bleep craps out for life for you anyway. (this all gets set on its own workplace panel).

good stuff, well done, thanks for any tips, folks

third place?


bananas all round.

got to the backend of 2 rough projects.

unintentional shoulder diy worked. thats 6+ months of pain and misdirection lifting off! did a jack-box move . . getting from seat to aisle on a bus handsfree. grossly painful, but as hoped it reset shoulder. is that dumb with pain? had been very uncomfortably displaced, felt like fuzz in the joints ... enough to interfere with keyboarding. work capacity is increased now ... making up lots time ... hello rsi! this is a second recent joint self re-location. they overlapped. other being almost broken 16 months displaced ankle. this is the issue with meds. it seems one has to go in
the first instance otherwise .......... ...... . now is that one down on meds?! yet, tis cause they're often such a letdown. meds and a grudging xray appointment missed anything, and didn't fix the ankle. at last beginning

inline skating, and

walking, did.

from a back-burner:

browsed over this site

a while back and clicked around. what is the internet for?!

an exercise essentially in titles and referral links
an adsframe and style over lack of content or purpose

one link gets to.

a cyber sub-net or intranet that read, "We're having a bit of a clear-out of Syntagma Digital's stock this month. Some inventory will be dropped completely, while newer, fresher sites will be added. Moneyizor, our 4th network magazine is now up, and new sites are being developed for it. Stay close. John Evans, Executive Editor"

this much
affectation from small city!


solutions for google users who DO use folders

these base on alphanumeric sorting precedence, eg . 1 a A where punctuations sorting first, then numbers and capitals last.

for google bookmarks:

the position is to use a few main 'labels' as possible by using 'sub-labels' but google employee didn't has done this now.

this partial solution;

for a given main 'label', called EXAMPLE, we make 'sub-labels' ASTRo, BASTRo, or CASTRo.

when choosing adding some bookmarks within EXAMPLE 'main label' but also is 'sub-label' we just only use EXAMPLE 'main label' for topical bookmarks, but adding ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO for example as 'PREFIX' to any google bookmark NAME for sub-topic bookmarks where ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO represent sub-topic.

this achieves some second sorting as a form of 'sub-label' for this 'label' eXAMPLE.

or do one of this.

for other google stuff:
this similarly does sub-sorting in google reader, amongst other applications.

also there is a greasemonkey script called Folders4Gmail or gmail-folders



so there are some hybrid folders or labels or tags processes for your use


solutions for google users who DO use folders

for google bookmarks:
the position is to use a few main 'labels' as possible by using 'sub-labels' but google employee didn't has done this now.

this partial solution;

for a given main 'label', called EXAMPLE, we make 'sub-labels' ASTRo, BASTRo, or CASTRo.

when choosing adding some bookmarks within EXAMPLE 'main label' but also is 'sub-label' we just only use EXAMPLE 'main label' for topical bookmarks, but adding ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO for example as 'PREFIX' to any google bookmark NAME for sub-topic bookmarks where ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO represent sub-topic.

this achieves some second sorting as a form of 'sub-label' for this 'label' eXAMPLE.

or do one of this.


a timely tale ... from the coalface

... there must be sayings about this -

Jessops photo is closing 81 of 340 stores "after fast-falling digital compact and memory card prices hit its sales...."

So they are right now having closing sale in those stores..

my sentiments on passing jessops stores ... lol! ... and I have been in about 10 times and asked 3 questions in 20 years

from the coalface


in your lap!

getting a bit wusty so heres some backfill posting.

we have been browsing webcams.

found a good directory as well.

seems to be a lot of debate on competiting broadband with free laptop offers.

whats next; someone actually browsing for you? it suggests there's some incidental benefits to the offerors!!

cant help thinking about those pridiculous battery kid-computers that are STILL swilling around. the only argument for which must be possible electric shock for some very vandalistic kid .

u go folks, get all those computers to use!!!


fatigue alert

on top of a backstep on posting writing. major fatigue; changing schedule, some travelling, mosquito bites, recurring and blurring late nights and the last week, or maybe two, at 1/3 sensible capacity.

so oinkments.

went to guaranas this morning, so tired i was going through the mattress!!! and yes delirium. that not good, heads must roll! body still very tired. is it big shopping tomorrow? maybe get all light sustenance, or dialout.

or maybe, go out to launch,

or not.

( not an ex-parrot, its an ex mapotters.com franchise)



keeping with rolling themes

theres a daily, weekly and monthly contact lens

and behind the counter they're all the same

or something like that

its the way its told

grrr .... !!!!

its something to do with the payg or contract and aftercare choices

equity, health, marketing, optometry, value


whats up doc? first lines and the medical practitioners

what is it the meds ask you, after they have said how are you feeling! as if you in passing might have been wanting to splurge to chew fat with doc!!!

got an oral infection. changing batteries can't be that difficult OR go recharge! ... teeth gone sensitive to tapping (around 12 day back) ... well things coming up increasing neuralgia getting to yesterday we dragged out the penicillin we purchased a previous time! this is an oral, soft tissues infection generalist.

and ... paracetamol.

the tooth sensitivity reduced ... but now the hard palate is swelling MORE and PAINFUL ... this is infection in recession! the medical professions have powerful forces with them! bluff enough to have monday first thing calls being intended. however midday monday and things seem pacific! don't forget dentists knock about in mouths and gp's are basically dipsticks if nothing else. so help other sufferers and keep Q's at the meds DOWN!

if we don't write again ... we been got.