going to look at the eduscape generally regarding courseware delivery, and specifically regarding contexts such as open university social sciences interdependence day.

search courseware
search related new economics

also will check guides for library classifications and search processes for simplex clouds or tagging. eg information = education, reference, knowledge management, data; ideas = position, debate, faith; co-operation = networking, collaboration; information + design = data architecture

education, co-operation, information, ideas, organisation management productivity, society, culture, uk,

for sidebar. a few posts back, monitor stop working. not broken, stop working. so spare, 14" crt! from 17" lcd!, had to be got from storage. broken nails! of course, it couldn't JUST plug straight in, in anyway, so started an alphabet soup merry-go-round. EXTREMELY blurry screen at login following attempted improvement. so of to borrow pc for solution investigation. alphabet soup galore, edited, almost, to a 2 page itenary. returning @ evening. you know that tedious login? yep. just do it by memory. THERE IS NO PROBLEM, AFTER LOGIN. right, after some rooting around lets try to improve on status quo, again.UH UH. its broke again. no it's not, yes it is. Well, it's not so bad after all then! Hello varied configuration computer!!! Just type while you're ahead.

(in the meantime hacked around the, without manual, (music) keyboard to find how the demo pieces were minutely put together)

keyboard now with fastest downloaded and copied manual and tech sheets you can imagine.

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