solutions for google users who DO use folders

for google bookmarks:
the position is to use a few main 'labels' as possible by using 'sub-labels' but google employee didn't has done this now.

this partial solution;

for a given main 'label', called EXAMPLE, we make 'sub-labels' ASTRo, BASTRo, or CASTRo.

when choosing adding some bookmarks within EXAMPLE 'main label' but also is 'sub-label' we just only use EXAMPLE 'main label' for topical bookmarks, but adding ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO for example as 'PREFIX' to any google bookmark NAME for sub-topic bookmarks where ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO represent sub-topic.

this achieves some second sorting as a form of 'sub-label' for this 'label' eXAMPLE.

or do one of this.


a timely tale ... from the coalface

... there must be sayings about this -

Jessops photo is closing 81 of 340 stores "after fast-falling digital compact and memory card prices hit its sales...."

So they are right now having closing sale in those stores..

my sentiments on passing jessops stores ... lol! ... and I have been in about 10 times and asked 3 questions in 20 years

from the coalface


in your lap!

getting a bit wusty so heres some backfill posting.

we have been browsing webcams.

found a good directory as well.

seems to be a lot of debate on competiting broadband with free laptop offers.

whats next; someone actually browsing for you? it suggests there's some incidental benefits to the offerors!!

cant help thinking about those pridiculous battery kid-computers that are STILL swilling around. the only argument for which must be possible electric shock for some very vandalistic kid .

u go folks, get all those computers to use!!!


fatigue alert

on top of a backstep on posting writing. major fatigue; changing schedule, some travelling, mosquito bites, recurring and blurring late nights and the last week, or maybe two, at 1/3 sensible capacity.

so oinkments.

went to guaranas this morning, so tired i was going through the mattress!!! and yes delirium. that not good, heads must roll! body still very tired. is it big shopping tomorrow? maybe get all light sustenance, or dialout.

or maybe, go out to launch,

or not.

( not an ex-parrot, its an ex mapotters.com franchise)