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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melaleuca_alternifolia in dilutions and bogof

also, with eucalyptus, rosemary

olive, lemon, bicarb soda, maybe?

the snots thinning, ears zinging, so its now virtually excess air capacity, like a summer contrast to death. altogether shocking.

malt to top off?!


get safe, hey

flaws, anybody else?




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on some equalities

another football world cup is an idiotic ugly scene

Women football around_the_world


free music



looking at gui's

musicovery, liveplasma, megite-discover, clear forest gnosis and touchgraph.

we like good gui's. the musicovery moodamator is prima. this gui is functional and responsive. checkboxing discovery and non-hit, and moving the joystick such as when a call makes for mood change is great. it doesn't currently 'learn' your listening preferences or offer tracking like last.fm tho' offering greater immediate and direct control similar to deezer the frightening jukebox-like emulator alligator which does it all and no need for gui. listen by keyword!

more seriously, similar processes used for touchgraph - TGGoogleBrowser. will make a performance comparison against kartoo.com.

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1994 and architecture

another world? ... when detail needs attention

nest @ The Echo Nest: "Insane tour rider and setup instructions for Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour (I'm sure it was all worth it....)"

its 14 pages

wikipedia - Pink_Floyd The_Division_Bell



"Long-Delayed Construction of Dragon International Studios 'Valleywood' Finally Moves Ahead. "The BBC is reporting that the long-delayed Welsh film and television studios project in South Wales started last week, after almost six frustrating years of set-backs and delays. 'Valleywood' building work begins -- Building work at the so-called 'Valleywood' film studios near Bridgend has begun." Welsh Music, Film, and Books Symposium

websearch - Dragon International Film Studios
web search - Pontcanna


wir sind librari!

"... its searchable ..."

a "new feature that lets you build a virtual library of your favorite books. You can import the books if you have a list of ISBNs or search them and click on 'Add to library'."

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what sort of communication organisation

spiders back from vacation. food all wrapped.

bbc had whats on listings that caused upset in industry as it threatened some trade competitive opportunities.

whatson b4 n'auspicious date whatson afta

so how then did bbc do better job linking outside pages than its internal infernal duplicate or intermediary or partial links. see programmes now/next. what advantage could there be with an effective 'programmes now/next' view?

its henry v+iii. chasing departing transport services. never mind, catch next one! OR, on demand.

a bit surprising how much the shows condense to. they almost dissappear up their own usb-mic connector. podcast = edited recording. so they can just say any rubbish crap because morons will listen and anybody else will just take summarise.

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web 0.20: only good as best

apoetic unprosaic but true?


uk pod first timeshift

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podcamp UK social media unconference untiming, pre-lunch hour late, post-lunch 1/2 hour early.

why watch an empty room?