eunuchs programme v2

decided to modify the process as discussed in a previous post to comprise local and remote drafting and copy, still at lowest formatting levels

maybe also usb cup warmer


Algorithm? heard that somewhere!

"MyPunchbowl: The Algorithm Schedules Your Event from TechCrunch by Nick Gonzalez

Previously, MyPunchbowl members picked a date by building consensus by talking on the invite’s bulletin board. The process is similar for the other event planning sites, except for Renkoo, which uses IM instead of bulletin boards. Now, with MyPunchbowl, you can avoid the bulletin board mess and find a date using the new “Pick-A-Date” feature, which recommends the best date from a set of dates supplied by the host. “Pick-A-Date” does this all in real time, giving greater importance to the schedules for the host and important guests. It’s best illustrated by checking out the video embedded below.

Now when you make an event, you can select multiple dates and times that work, specifying whether they are either “better” dates, or just “ok”. Since some events need key guests, MyPunchbowl also lets you pick VIPs, who have a greater effect on which date the algorithm recommends.

mypunchbowlpicksmall.pngAs RSVPs roll in, guests choose which dates don’t work, are ok, or are the best for themselves. After each RSVP the algorithm recalculates which date is best for the majority of the group, giving the greatest weight to VIPs. Real time feedback encourages the remaining guests to reschedule their calendars around the date that works the best for the majority of the group or the guest of honor. At any time, the host can choose a date for the event, using the recommended date as a guide without the hassle of long email or bulletin board threads."

Other similar services are available!

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eunuchs programme

just done our first BIT of eunuchs programming

collation without macros and only a single layer of formatting!

a nerdy thing came up during the few days, including multitasking and refreshment getting this settled. eating everything, inc. allsorts snax, with utensil and dishes! unlikely to encounter that with computers in public (might be beyond a usb vacuum cleaner)! is that behaviour transcultural or transmodal? why not write better descriptions folks!?

.txt text file



found this.

Blogger: User Profile: vsetdyjxcxpbytlf:

What is it?!

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lizardmen of london - hail herptile overlords

Londonist: Touch Up London Archives:

"Yargh! David Icke was right after all. All hail to our herptile overlords.
The image is courtesy of 'Rattus Amicus' who was one of the unsuccessful entrants from our recent competition. Still bloody good, though."

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Police officer: batteries included?

look out for debate on 'how many police officers does it take to change a lightbulb?', and, 'when does police administration get done?' A reduction in arrest forms is pending.

along lines of;

"How many managers does it take to change a light bulb?

1) A roomful - they have to hold a meeting to discuss all the ramifications of the change.
2) None, they like to keep employees in the dark.
3) "This topic was resumed from last week's discussion, but is incomplete pending resolution of some action items. It will be continued next week. Meanwhile ..."
4) "We've formed a task-force to study the problem of why light bulbs burn out, and to figure out what, exactly, we as supervisors can do to make the bulbs work smarter, not harder."

How was it managed with instant processing and booths?

this ones for teachers

this ones for cellphones!

What about a serious issue like when cbrn attack you'll rather be with some kind of murdoch special crowd rather than those bought the stuff at some kind of a mart? The suit always wins?


TBGB: sound and vision.

Its musical chairs at the party place.
Having more time to compose himself. Can we expect this release?

Is it going to be eat-in or togo?

Its ice-cream beer , and no clash, 'i want to break free'. Its Arctic Monkeys or Rufus Wainwright getting it down with GB, the ironing chancellor.
For plenty others its 'I'm not the shriff, but I should be the deputy'.


Back to roots. Internet style "social lending may threaten banks", eventually.

Internet style social networking lending narrows gap between traditional banks and cooperative finance.

"Internet social lending 'may threaten banks' | Internet Marketing News and Blog | E-consultancy.com: "

A new study has claimed that the social networking boom could eventually threaten the dominance of traditional lenders.

A study by the Social Futures Observatory think-tank found that many consumers would consider borrowing through online ‘social lending’ communities rather than high street banks and other traditional lenders.

The SFO study surveyed members of Zopa.com, an online lending community, as well as a general sample of mainstream banking customers."

Katie Ledger on the programme, Click, reports that, "Social lending gains net interest - Social networking spawns a new concept as banking harnesses the potential of Web 2.0."

silicon.com suggests "big-bank confidence dented by social banking".

Could even partial en masse "borrowers voting with mice" "force banks to cut loan rates"? Indeed could it eventually comprehensively metamorphose lending and saving processes?

Or maybe it will overtake porn?

(some porn stats:
  • # 89% of porn is created in the U.S.
  • # $2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006
  • # $89/second is spent on porn
  • # 72% of porn viewers are men
  • # 260 new porn sites go online daily)

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views of election night TV coverage

What words from the mingometers? JezV doing suffrage jives or was it euro-spasms exercises not only himself but this writer and some others. No Snow-Vine tango or

Hip Sarkozy however!

PooterGeek writes

"They’re On A Mission To Explain And They’re Bringing The Pain

Am I hallucinating? Are any of you lot seeing this too? Right now Jeremy Vine is wearing a Harry Hill shirt and dancing to hip-hop next to a holographic Menzies Campbell. The caption behind him reads “MING’S BLING”. Has BBC Election Special turned into The Day Today?

UPDATE: Iain Duncan Smith has just said of the poorest voters he’s been talking to: “Real real problems of drug and alcohol abuse—and I’m in all that right now.”

It’s excruciating, but not for the reasons I was afraid of at the start of the evening.

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Asher Says "Ming's Bling" reminds me of Miri Ben-Ari".

johninnit Says ".. just been watching him play a virtual game of tennis with a giant stock footage Tony Blair ... News24 is starting to totally surpass The Day Today, both in terms of over-excited news-reading and in ridiculous CGI. Chris Morris' genius IRA anti-bomb-dog spray graphic looks positively mundane these days."

dmatr Says ".. gobsmacked too. And the tennis thing…! Chartjunk on crack. The BBC election team urgently needs to read Edward Tufte - it may already be too late.""

and from BBC site webpages itself, the post "It's been called "Super" Thursday", these comments;

Mistress76uk wrote ".. particularly loved the tennis graphic which Lord Falconer didn't seem to understand. Jeremy suggested remedial classes. Fantastic!!!!!! :-)"

Lesley Boatwright wrote "Why does the presence of graphics and the need to present them to the public often seem to entail the presenters doing a sort of song-and-dance act? I was completely bemused by Jeremy Vine's antics - repeated on BBC1's election coverage later - did he get the script from the Ministry of Funny Walks?"

csharp wrote ".. who uploaded the show? the watch again show compression ratio would make a 1970s hong kong kung fu film look well sync'd."

I managed the whole overnight tv and radio coverage, and then some. A sign of something. Ate some guarana, BBE 2005 bought during urge for south american disposition, at midnight-30 and breezed it.

I'll make reference to some films, also;

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spectacular!!!! pre-masticated CUISINE

Scribal Terror asks "Do you find this appetizing?



It's called culinary foam, and it's all the rage. In fact, it's been featured on Top Chef a number of times, so it's probably jumped the shark. Anyhoo,

Culinary foam consists of natural flavors (sweet or savory) mixed with a natural gelling agent. The mixture is placed in a whipped cream canister where the foam is then forced out with the help of nitrous oxide. [The photo of a garlic foam is from Oceanic.]

If a philistine could be defined as someone who thinks this looks like cat vomit, I am a philistine.

On second thought, I wonder if anyone ever asks for the nitrous oxide straight up."

an Urban Honking article puts this view,


"I recommend this New York Times article about avant-garde cuisine. You may be just starting to hear about this trend, but it's been the hot thing in international cuisine for some time now. It's postmodern cuisine, where food is not just cooked but deconstructed and transformed. As an example of the kind of thing we're talking about, consider a "riff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: a peeled, heated grape, still on a sprig, that had been dipped in a peanut puree and encased in a thin layer of brioche."

So is 'molecular gastronomy' food foam something avine?

avant garde foam cuisine living

for swingers to be SEEN, somewhere

looks like the plucker crowd

lot of talk on this. franchise opps perhaps?

"Swingers Symbols are recognized as the unique identity for SWINGERS around the world. ( Please select a country )
Welcome bienvenue willkommen benvenuto Bienvenidos Welcome"

niche market if you can find it. can you pass! a step before tattoos?

which might come in use at the monthly Starkers, "the nightclub with a difference ... Everybosy is naked. It is the biggest and best fully naked DISCO in the world."

hey! don't forget ... t.a.l.k.i.n.g.

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