spectacular!!!! pre-masticated CUISINE

Scribal Terror asks "Do you find this appetizing?



It's called culinary foam, and it's all the rage. In fact, it's been featured on Top Chef a number of times, so it's probably jumped the shark. Anyhoo,

Culinary foam consists of natural flavors (sweet or savory) mixed with a natural gelling agent. The mixture is placed in a whipped cream canister where the foam is then forced out with the help of nitrous oxide. [The photo of a garlic foam is from Oceanic.]

If a philistine could be defined as someone who thinks this looks like cat vomit, I am a philistine.

On second thought, I wonder if anyone ever asks for the nitrous oxide straight up."

an Urban Honking article puts this view,


"I recommend this New York Times article about avant-garde cuisine. You may be just starting to hear about this trend, but it's been the hot thing in international cuisine for some time now. It's postmodern cuisine, where food is not just cooked but deconstructed and transformed. As an example of the kind of thing we're talking about, consider a "riff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: a peeled, heated grape, still on a sprig, that had been dipped in a peanut puree and encased in a thin layer of brioche."

So is 'molecular gastronomy' food foam something avine?

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