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What words from the mingometers? JezV doing suffrage jives or was it euro-spasms exercises not only himself but this writer and some others. No Snow-Vine tango or

Hip Sarkozy however!

PooterGeek writes

"They’re On A Mission To Explain And They’re Bringing The Pain

Am I hallucinating? Are any of you lot seeing this too? Right now Jeremy Vine is wearing a Harry Hill shirt and dancing to hip-hop next to a holographic Menzies Campbell. The caption behind him reads “MING’S BLING”. Has BBC Election Special turned into The Day Today?

UPDATE: Iain Duncan Smith has just said of the poorest voters he’s been talking to: “Real real problems of drug and alcohol abuse—and I’m in all that right now.”

It’s excruciating, but not for the reasons I was afraid of at the start of the evening.

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Asher Says "Ming's Bling" reminds me of Miri Ben-Ari".

johninnit Says ".. just been watching him play a virtual game of tennis with a giant stock footage Tony Blair ... News24 is starting to totally surpass The Day Today, both in terms of over-excited news-reading and in ridiculous CGI. Chris Morris' genius IRA anti-bomb-dog spray graphic looks positively mundane these days."

dmatr Says ".. gobsmacked too. And the tennis thing…! Chartjunk on crack. The BBC election team urgently needs to read Edward Tufte - it may already be too late.""

and from BBC site webpages itself, the post "It's been called "Super" Thursday", these comments;

Mistress76uk wrote ".. particularly loved the tennis graphic which Lord Falconer didn't seem to understand. Jeremy suggested remedial classes. Fantastic!!!!!! :-)"

Lesley Boatwright wrote "Why does the presence of graphics and the need to present them to the public often seem to entail the presenters doing a sort of song-and-dance act? I was completely bemused by Jeremy Vine's antics - repeated on BBC1's election coverage later - did he get the script from the Ministry of Funny Walks?"

csharp wrote ".. who uploaded the show? the watch again show compression ratio would make a 1970s hong kong kung fu film look well sync'd."

I managed the whole overnight tv and radio coverage, and then some. A sign of something. Ate some guarana, BBE 2005 bought during urge for south american disposition, at midnight-30 and breezed it.

I'll make reference to some films, also;

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