google's rss feed reader share function makes convenient quality information presentation. can such feed readers then have plural shared folders? simply, probably not. however, a folders seperate feed, individual items can re-label, can be a particular share. then, there's notebook, docs, sheets, tweets, bleats yada. what tho are the costs of such storage!

so the problem may be most conveniently solved differently. are readers gonna read all sharer's shared items? likely not. what are those bookmarking processes? and via rss?

not quite convenient enough? maybe more so when code adds an click functionality within sharer's reader post panels or toolbars.

which is a form of aggregation. lets mention pipes, eg pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/. such a setup would allow placement of a panel of links of last 'saved' items, for example. whilst allowing combinations of sequences of selective aggregation or filtering, these data feeds are however preset, not selective, streams. quite so. see posting, "everyone is trying to say something particularily".

are user-scripts and similar, such as pipes, over-specific. hope so!

search on.

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