solutions for google users who DO use folders

these base on alphanumeric sorting precedence, eg . 1 a A where punctuations sorting first, then numbers and capitals last.

for google bookmarks:

the position is to use a few main 'labels' as possible by using 'sub-labels' but google employee didn't has done this now.

this partial solution;

for a given main 'label', called EXAMPLE, we make 'sub-labels' ASTRo, BASTRo, or CASTRo.

when choosing adding some bookmarks within EXAMPLE 'main label' but also is 'sub-label' we just only use EXAMPLE 'main label' for topical bookmarks, but adding ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO for example as 'PREFIX' to any google bookmark NAME for sub-topic bookmarks where ASTRO, BASTRO, or CASTRO represent sub-topic.

this achieves some second sorting as a form of 'sub-label' for this 'label' eXAMPLE.

or do one of this.

for other google stuff:
this similarly does sub-sorting in google reader, amongst other applications.

also there is a greasemonkey script called Folders4Gmail or gmail-folders



so there are some hybrid folders or labels or tags processes for your use

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