its GDD07: guys, socal, big, digit'y'all.

So, what does GDD07 mean?!

29 hours of cod! And guarana, greens and ice cream (22% fig and date, with lj), again. Seems unlisted at manufacturer

Wonder why?
Its another ex-franchise, scooby doo.

And back to the theme. So, what?


Anything else?!!

Well they're heading offline totally as well!?

Big deal??!

What else ya doing!!! How about guessing location and music policy for the parallel sessions.

So, lucky the audio systems working, now (an intermittent connection!), and the timings fit well with other casts. No subtitles so couldn't do without sound like the BB07, which at moment has only birdcalls coming from garden! Maybe animalsBB's the thing.

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